For over 15 years we have enabled our customers to optimally use product and process knowledge as well as the ideas and experience of their employees in the company. To this end, we have developed a unique systematic approach during a large number of consulting and software projects in industry. For us, the focus is on people and the creation of an organization-specific knowledge culture. At the same time, we fall back on a tried and tested portfolio of methods and software. As a result, our customers receive an individual solution to create stable values ​​from their knowledge.

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Our values ​​and what defines us as Pumacy are recorded in this corporate mission statement. We as an organization try as best we can to live and implement them. This is a mutual promise that includes all employees and managers.

1. Our greatest asset is our quality. We are convinced of our own products and services and we use them ourselves.

2. We see our solutions as a contribution to comprehensive added value for the customer. The focus of our work is on their satisfaction.

3. We work with flat hierarchies in an atmosphere based on partnership that is characterized by transparency and respect.

4. Equal opportunities, family friendliness, a good work-life balance and freedom to pursue your own ideas are of particular importance to us.

5. Pumacy as a whole as well as each individual are committed to a sustainable, social, economic and ecological environment.

6. We achieve long-term stability through a broad branch structure, constant trend monitoring and strong employee loyalty, pronounced interdisciplinarity and constant further qualification.