Process Mining

Our process management is based on an integrated approach covering the entire product lifecycle. We seek to ensure a continuous flow of information and data as well as a robust processes management guaranteeing optimal performance.

Based on the development of optimisation strategies Pumacy provides advisory projects for process organisation and product lifecycle management (PLM). This includes process implementation, analysis, evaluation as well as process integration and creation of an interface concept. Additionally, we provide process design and implementation of various methods and tools for process modelling and visualisation. We develop and implement methods for process evaluation to assess economic impacts or disturbing factors and optimise the organisation of your processes.


We support you in adapting and integrating PLM software applications. This includes the specification of data models and role concepts as well as the development and implementation of application functions. During the implementation we deploy tailored migration schemes and support the whole process.

To ensure a systematic application of process knowledge at all stages of the product development process, Pumacy maintains knowledge of best practice in project and quality management focusing all aspects arising throughout the entire product lifecycle – from demand analysis and integration of new technologies to processing.